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NB. All information correct as at 4th Feb 2014.  Dates are based on the timetable of previous calls.  No call is definite from one year to the next nor will they necessarily run on the same timetable.  The month highlighted is the anticipated deadline.

Open calls

The AHRC mostly run open deadline schemes as follows:

  • Research Grants - both Standard and Early Career
  • Fellowship Scheme - both Standard and Early Career
  • Research Networking
  • Follow on Funding Scheme

Further information: 


International Placement Scheme

The annual International Placement Scheme (IPS) provides funded research fellowships at world-leading international research institutions for early career researchers, doctoral-level research assistants and AHRC/ESRC*-funded doctoral students.

Call Opens: October

Further Information:


Collaborative Skills Development

The AHRC’s Collaborative Skills Development call is aimed at supporting the development of innovative, collaborative training packages for PhD students and early career researchers in the arts and humanities.

Call Opens: July

Decisions made: December

Further information:

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