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There are several types of computational / artificial intelligence (AI) used throughout the world today. Many AI systems are implemented to replace manned operation for example: The UK power systems utilises AI to control circuit breaker operation or reduce the number of alarms to a manageable level by prioritising them using various algorithms and rules in the event of an electrical fault. For further information on Power Systems see this link 

Other types of AI are used to replace the heavily overburdened consultants from trivial tasks; therefore an AI system (based upon the expert system) was created for the NHS to diagnose swine flu swine flu cases.Therefore AI systems have been developed to either replace or assist in decision the making process. Another way of observing AI is a system that mimics human behaviour and the decision making process. To achieve this several types of AI Systems have been created and are listed:

  1. Expert Systems

  2. Fuzzy Logic

  3. Neural Networks

  4. Exhaustive Search
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