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User commands

User commands
Job submission
sbatch [script_file] 
Queue list
Queue list (by user)
squeue -u [user_name]
Job deletion
scancel [job_id]
Job information
scontrol show job [job_id]
Job hold
scontrol hold [job_id]
Job release
scontrol release [job_id]
Node list
sinfo --Nodes --long
Cluster status
sinfo or squeue
sview /** graphical user interface to view and modify SLURM state **/

Job environment

Job array ID (index) number
Job array's master job ID number
The ID of the job allocation
$SLURM_JOB_DEPENDENCYSet to value of the --dependency option
$SLURM_JOB_NAMEName of the job
List of nodes allocated to the job

Total number of nodes in the job's resource allocation

Name of the partition in which the job is running
Memory requested per node
ID of the nodes allocated
Number of tasks requested. Same as -n, --ntasks. To be used with mpirun, e.g. mpirun -np $SLURM_NTASKS binary
Number of tasks requested per node. Only set if the --ntasks-per-node option is specified
The MPI rank (or relative process ID) of the current process
If the job has been restarted due to system failure or has been explicitly requeued, this will be sent to the number of times the job has been restarted
The directory from which sbatch was invoked
The hostname of the computer from which sbatch was invoked
Number of tasks to be initiated on each node. Values are comma separated and in the same order as $SLURM_JOB_NODELIST
The value will be set to the names network switches which may be involved in the job's communications from the system's top level switch down to the leaf switch and ending with node name
The value will be set component types listed in $SLURM_TOPOLOGY_ADDR. Each component will be identified as either "switch" or "node". A period is used to separate each hardware component type

Job specification

Job specification
Script directive
Account to charge
Begin Time
Combine stdout/stderr
(use --output without the --error)
Copy Environment
CPU Count
--ntasks [count]
CPUs Per Task
Email Address
Event Notification
--mail-type=[events] eg. BEGIN, END, FAIL, REQUEUE, and ALL (any state change)
Generic Resources
--gres=[resource_spec] eg. gpu:4 or mic:4
Node features
--constraint=[feature] eg. k20x, s10k and 5110p
Job Arrays
Job Dependency
Job host preference
--nodelist=[nodes] AND/OR --exclude=[nodes]
Job Name
Job Restart
--requeue OR --no-requeue
Memory Size
Node Count
Quality of Service
Resource Sharing
--exclusive OR --shared
Standard Error File
Standard Output File
Tasks Per Node
Wall Clock Limit
--time=[min] OR  [days-hh:mm:ss]
Working Directory
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