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The Pharmacy and Pharmacology NMR facility at Bath consists of three state-of-the-art NMR spectrometers, ranging from 400 to 600 MHz. The facilities are located in the dedicated Biomedical NMR Suite in 9 West, 0.03.The facilities are maintained by Dr Tim Woodman.

Our Spectrometers

The NMR suite has three NMR spectrometers, operating at 400, 500 and 600 MHz. For information on each of of the spectrometers, including details of what they are used for please click here. The 400 and 500 are Bruker Avance III spectrometers using Topspin 2.1, with automation via IconNMR The 600 is a Varian (Agilent) Inova set up for the 3D characterisation of biological samples such as proteins and small sections of DNA.

NMR experiments 

There are literally thousands of NMR experiments (although many are minor variations). Follow this link to see details of the more common experiments used for day to day analysis of compounds. For more advanced experiments click here. 

Common NMR issues

There is a page dedicated to the most common NMR issues, accessed here.

When things go wrong

Things will always go wrong at some point. This page has some of the most common problems and what to do about it. 


Safe use of the NMR facility is very important - details can be found here.

External users

 We offer a fast and efficient NMR service (along with other analytical techniques) to customers outside the university. Prices start at £30 per sample: if you are interested, click here or visit the Chemical Characterisation and Analysis Facility website.


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