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How to link Research Outputs to a piece of equipment or Facility


  1. Log into your Pure account (Staff homepage>Academic resources>Pure)
  2. Click on green ‘Add new’ button and select ‘Research output’ from menu on LHS
  3. Either import publication from online source or file or choose template type, e.g. ‘Contribution to journal’>’Article’
  4. Fill in as many fields as possible (those marked * are compulsory)
  5. Towards the bottom of the template under ‘Relations’ click ‘Equipment’ and type in the first few letters of the equipment or facility (e.g. CCAF). Select the correct equipment or service (e.g. CCAF-MS). If several services have been used please add all of them.

  6. Please also take the opportunity to link your research output to your other related content in Pure, e.g. the project that funded it.
  7. REMEMBER TO SAVE YOUR RECORD by pressing the blue ‘Save’ button at the bottom of the template.
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