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Do you cycle to the University?

We are a group of students and staff promoting cycling to and from the University of Bath. Our aim is to improve the quality of cycling both on and around the campus, and to ensure there are good facilities - secure covered racks, showers, lockers - once you've got here.

We do this through this wiki, maintaining the mailing list, attending the Transport Strategy meetings and by organising events such as the bike to work breakfast in September.

Tax-free cycle scheme

If you're a member of staff and want to buy a bike for commuting, this is almost certainly the best deal you'll get. Highly recommended!

Click here for details:

Facilities on campus

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  1. Thanks so much for my breakfast this morning!! Would anyone be up for like a weekly coffee meetup or something for regular cyclists? Not expecting work to foot the bill, although this would be fantastic! Perhaps we could launch a campaign for something like this - to help with the university's perpetual parking problem!

  2. Hi Val, thanks for coming to the breakfast. We definitely want to use the success of the bike breakfast as a lever to organise more sponsored events, maybe a Dr Bike next time?

    Did you know that cycling to a business meeting (off campus) is already payable? see