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Diversity In Academic Practice Project (DAPP)

In light of the increasing diversity of our student population we, as a higher education institution, are under increasing pressure to ensure that all of our courses are accessible and inclusive in nature and enable all students to benefit and achieve their academic potential irrespective of their background. At the same time it is important that we recognise the value of having a diverse student population and utilise this resource to enhance the learning experience of all our students. 

The Diversity in Academic Practice Project is a three year project funded by the Teaching Quality Enhancement Fund to identify good learning and teaching practices within the University and from external sources that make or could make our courses more inclusive. The project encompasses, but is not restricted to, assessing and addressing the needs of international and disabled students as well as those from lower socioeconomic backgrounds and those whose age, race, culture, religion and mental health may influence their approach to academic studies.

Further information on the aims and progress of the project is available here.

I hope you find the information useful. Please do browse through the site and comment on the project itself. I would also be interested in similar projects being carried out in other institutions. Information can be added via the news site.

Dr Christine Edmead - Project leader contact