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Welcome to the Joanna Bryson's Research Group wiki space!

This is by no means designed for public consumption, it's just where we stick things we find useful internally.  If they're useful to you too, that's fine, but don't email us for documentation.

The wiki seems to have recently reconfigured–most of the useful stuff is now under "child pages" over on the left-hand side.

The wiki page Joanna uses the most is our link to Culture Journals.  We should have a similar link to Systems AI Journals too.

There's a list of members of our research group, which if nothing else is useful for google bombing.

Every project we do should have an ethics form filed both with the department and with us here on the wiki!  That's the archive (also with links to the forms), it should only be visible with Bath login. 

Bath University Guidelines on hosting Visiting Postgraduate Scholars (VPS)

How to write a cover letter (with the submission of a journal article)

How to write a rebuttal letter (with the resubmission of an article, or your dissertation)

How to write a letter of appeal (against rejection)

Phil Agre was a great AI researcher who became a sociologist focusing on information and privacy, then left academia and human society more generally.  But he left behind a bunch of great writings, including these notes on how to host academic speakers, and artificial intelligence as a philosophical project.

AI Reading Group (ARG)

This weekly reading group is newly started this January 2019. ARG has a flexible format, meaning members can choose to present papers, ideas or choose a topic for group discussion or debate.  Follow this link to the ARG wiki page for detailed information on the scheduling and purpose of the group:

Useful Links:

Papers with Code


Keras - Deep Learning for Humans

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