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  • HOWTO Use Remote Desktop from Linux
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Before you start

If you are already on campus, using Wireless, ResNet, Docking or an internal university machine then skip to #Connecting to the Remote Machine.

If you are off-campus then you need to connect to the University network. You can do this using VPN or an SSH tunnel.

Connecting to the Remote Machine

Once you have configured your connection, you are ready to connect.

Run the Terminal Server Client (Applications->Internet->Terminal Server Client in ubuntu and Fedora Core, or tsclient from the command line). The following window should appear:

  • If you set up an SSH tunnel, then under Computer enter localhost
  • If you are using VPN or connecting directly then under Computer enter the host name of the machine you wish to connect to (i.e.
  • Under protocol enter RDPv5 (for windows 2003/Vista machines)
  • Under username enter the user name to use to log on to the remote machine (i.e. your BUCS username)
  • Leave password blank (you will be prompted for a password after you have connected)
  • If you wish to change the display settings (Screen resolution, colour depth etc) click on the Display tab and change the setttings.
  • If you want sounds on the remote machine to be played on your local machine, click on the Local Resources tab and change the sound settings.
  • Finally, to connect click the Connect button.