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About this space

This space is intended as somewhere to discuss the building and maintenance of Linux machines at the university of bath.

It should be noted that some of the HOWTOs will be included directly on the BUCS web page. Care should be taken when editing this information.

Linux Support At Bath

For members of staff

Some departments offer linux support, if your department supports linux you should contact your departmental supporter with any linux questions.

If your department does not support linux machines then you will still be able to access wireless and docking using linux (see the howtos listed below).

For students

You may use linux on resnet, wireless and docking, however while they endevour to help, the helpdesk does not guarantee to provide Linux support. See the instructions below for setting up ResNet/wireless/docking.

Linux Compute Servers

For supporters

There is a supporters linux user group and mailing list ( for discussing linux issues/asking questions.


Bath specific Software Configuration

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  1. Could we expand this space to come up with list of compatible software and how to configure it with the University's systems? e.g. Thunderbird, Firefox, Remote Desktop tools etc. ?

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    It would be nice to have some left-navigation in this space.

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      We don't really have any content to structure beyond what is linked from the front page, so i've changed this back to the default theme (removing the big grey gap on the left) for now.