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Welcome to the MA Ed Dissertation wiki space!

These pages are here to support students on the MA in Education, as they go through the process of writing their dissertations - from the early days (pre-proposal) through to writing, submission and celebration!

These pages should be read in conjunction with the Moodle for the Dissertation.

The difference between the Moodle site and this one is fairly simple.  The Moodle site contains all the forms you will need for the dissertation; it contains information about fees, etc.

The wiki, on the other hand, exists to support your learning and working as you go through the process of writing and submitting your dissertation. 

To think about it another way, if the Moodle supports the administration of the dissertation, the Moodle supports the academic side. 

Please see the Introduction to the Dissertation presentation from summer school.



You can find help on how to add pages, add a left-hand menu, or change the appearance of this space.

There is also official documentation and you can email for direct help.

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