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The App Factory

The focus of the MeLT 1 project is the identification, development and evaluation of mobile apps for improving learning and teaching. 

The focus of the MeLT 2 project is the pilot of an App-Factory for use by academics to easily create apps for their students.


Module Quiz

A revision aid for students

Completed: January 2013


A personalised timetable for Pharmacy and Pharmacology students
Completed: March 2013

Pharmaceutical Analysis

A complete undergraduate unit
Completed: April 2013

App for Prospective Physics Students

A 6th formers guide to Physics
Completed: July 2013

Introduction to Microbiology

A complete undergraduate unit
Completed: August 2013

Campus Map

A 2D Map of the campus
Completed: September 2013

Past Papers

Past examination papers
Under development

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