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The original bid for TDF was submitted in July 2012 and approved by the ULTQC committee in August 2012 

The Project Bid

Project Outline

1. Survey students to discover the types of apps required.

A student survey was conducted at the end of 2012, which found that around 85% of undergraduates had a smart-phone, and 20% had a tablet. 

The Student Survey

2. Build and pilot apps that meet these requirements.

A range of apps have been developed

3. Evaluate the apps with users

The apps have been evaluated with students, or awaiting evaluation

Description of the Work to date

A range of apps have been developed which have used source code templates for items such as questions, slides and videos. A major part of the project has been the development of these templates, together with utility programs that are capable of automating the process of converting Powerpoint slides and Moodle quizes into a format that can be exploited in a cross-platform (Android and iOS) app.

These templates started with a very basic and simple quiz template used for manually creating the Quiz app launched at the end of 2012. Since that time the templates have expanded to include more sophisticated app main-menu and app sequences that can now support html 5 video. For example, it is now possible to generate an app from a collection of Powerpoint and Quiz files that have been added to a 'treeview' that is displayed in a utility program (VB.NET) which forms the basis of the App Factory prototype, which is the subject of the MeLT 2 Project.


The people

Project Leader: Mr. Keith Brown

Deputy Leader: Dr. Philip Rogers

Evaluation: Hannah Family

Special thanks to:

Rachel Harvey and Dr Paul Mitchell for helping to clarify theTimetable

Dr Andrew Thompson and Dr Mike Rowan, for supplying the lectures and quizzes for PA10292

Dr Julie Letchford and Dr Albert Bolhuis for supplying the questions for the Quiz App



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