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After reviewing all 795 departmental questions previously asked, the new question set has been developed through cognitive testing and consultation with staff and students. You may notice that some of the questions share wording with those asked in institutional wide surveys such as the National Student Survey and Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey. This is to aid in comparison and build consistency in data sets.

All optional questions have been themed to assist with decision making.


DL1 - Group participation in the online discussion events helped support my learning
DL2 - Online facilitation focused my learning
DL3 - The content of the Distance Learning materials was at the appropriate level
DL4 - The Distance Learning materials were clear and well organised
DL5 - The distance learning unit tutor was accessible and supportive throughout the unit
FEA1 - Marking and assessment has been fair
FEA2 - I received helpful feedback on my work
FEA3 - In the unit assessment(s), I had the opportunity to demonstrate what I learned
FEA4 - The method of assessment was appropriate.
LE1 - I found the lectures clear and comprehensible
LR1 - I was able to improve my understanding by working through the worksheets 
MI1 - The tutorials on this unit were effective in helping me learn
MI2 - The unit has a strong relevance to the business context
MI3 - This unit encourages critical thinking
MI4 - I was able to contribute and participate fully in my group's work
MI5 - I have had the right opportunities to work with other students as part of this unit 
PR1 - The laboratory was well equipped and organised
PR2 - Demonstrators were effective
PR3 - Clear and effective instruction was given on how to conduct practical sessions
PR4 - Clear and effective instruction was given on how to do field work.
PR5 - The technical staff were helpful
PR6 - The postgraduate demonstrators were helpful 
PR7 - I found the practicals clear and comprehensible
PR8 - I was given sufficient health and safety information to carry out the experiments safely 
PR9 - Workshops were informative
RE1 - The workload on my course has been manageable
RE2 - I believe that I achieved the learning outcomes of this unit
RE3 - This unit has challenged me to achieve my best work 
RE4 - The unit is intellectually stimulating
RE5 - My professional and academic aims in taking this unit have been met
RE6 - The unit content is relevant to my professional practice
SE1 - During the sessions there was an appropriate balance between tutor input and student participation
SE2 - I found that the classes supported my understanding of the lecture material
SE3 - The sessions were well prepared and organised by the tutor(s).
TE1 - I have appropriate opportunities to give feedback on my experience
TE2 - I have received sufficient advice and guidance in relation to this unit 
TE3 - I have been able to contact staff when I needed to
UN1 - The level and quantity of taught material was appropriate |
UN2 - I found the unit relevant to my academic needs
UN3 - There was an appropriate balance between reading/ reference materials and student activity (e.g. questions, tasks, reflections)
UN4 - The aims and learning objectives of this unit were met (see the unit description)
UN5 - The unit had a clear and coherent structure.
UN6 - The unit drew usefully on relevant research 


Whilst these questions provide an improvement from previous years, we will continue to review them throughout this academic year.

When deciding which discretionary questions to ask, decisions should be made through your Departmental Learning and Teaching Quality Committee. 

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