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The University of Bath Unit Evaluation system delivers and collates student unit evaluations.

  • Students are directed to complete evaluations via Moodle. For most staff, access is via the SAMIS on the Web, except for the odd administrative task where SITS/SAMIS client server access is required.
  • Responses are anonymous but students' comments should be in line with the University's Dignity and Respect Policy and Procedure.
  • The standard university 'core' questions are automatically included within an evaluation. However, alternative core question sets are also available for placement units, distance learning units and study abroad units, and can be selected when setting up the modules to evaluate. These will replace the standard core questions.
  • The appropriate students are given access to evaluations and sent notifications based on their unit records in SAMIS.
  • Evaluations can be sent to students based on unit, year of study and occurrence.
  • NEW for academic year 2022/23: For Units longer than the standard single semester, evaluations can be run twice for a unit following a written email request to colleagues in DDaT.
  • Results are available to the Unit Tutor ('convenor') and the 'creator' (usually a department/course administrator).
  • Additional reports are available for Directors of Studies and other staff (eg other lecturers on the module), who can be given access if required. 
  • The University's Business Intelligence Portal, using Microsoft Power BI, has a page dedicated to the Unit Evaluation results.
  • NEW for academic year 2022/23: There is now a page dedicated to Unit Evaluation response rates on Microsoft Power BI.

This information is maintained by the Centre for Learning & Teaching. For further information, please contact the Student Engagement Team,, ext 7774

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