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The University of Bath 'Online Unit Evaluation' system delivers and collates student unit evaluations.

  • In response to an email from the tool, students are directed to complete evaluations via and the 'evaluation' tab. Most staff access is via the same route, except for the odd administrative task where SITS/SAMIS client server access is required
  • Responses are anonymous 
  • The 'core' questions are automatically included, and the appropriate students are given access and sent notifications based on their unit records in SAMIS
  • Evaluations can be sent to students based on unit, year of study and occurrence
  • Results are available to the Module Tutor ('convenor') and the 'creator' (usually a department/course administrator)
  • Additional reports are available for Directors of Study and other staff (eg other lecturers on the module), who can be given access if required


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