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As well as appearing in the Pending Evaluations section, each evaluation for the current academic year will appear in the Evaluation Reports section. (You can also view previous years’ evaluations in this section if required). There are four 'Evaluation Report' options available:

  1. Full Reporting (Download and Save)
  2. Report Admin (Submit feedback/Delete reports etc)
  3. Completed Evaluations/Average Reponse Rate)

NB Only the CREATORS and unit CONVENORS have automatic access to these reports. This is separate from the Reports for Other Staff (see Section 8). The creator is the person who set up the evaluation and the convenor is the academic specified as the module tutor on the MOD record in SAMIS. If a wider distribution is required, you can download the results to share with others.

'Full Reporting' is not available until after an evaluation has closed. If you wish to monitor responses prior to the close date, you need to look at the 'Summary & Ad Hoc Reporting' option.  (NB: Currently, the University has switched this functionality off.  Once your Evaluations are live, the response rates can be monitored by colleagues who have access to Business Object for SAMIS via the Public Folders: SAMIS > SRS standard > EVAL_response_rate)

Reports can be saved at pdfs and circulated to other colleagues who do not have direct access.

To pull up a report:

  • Enter the academic year and the unit code (in uppercase), and press 'Retrieve'
  • Tick the unit evaluation record(s) you are interested in viewing and then select 'Unit Evaluation Report 2 - for convenors' from the dropdown list. (Note that the Full reports are not available until the evaluation has closed).
  • Now select 'Run (ticked)' or 'Run (all)' as appropriate and the report will appear on screen
  • Depending on the internet browser you are using, you can select 'Page' and 'Save As' (Internet Explorer) or right click on the report and 'Save page as' (Firefox) to save the report. If you want an Excel file, then save your file with an .xls extension (don't worry if the 'Save as type' box doesn't include .xls - it will save it anyway). If you want a web page then save the file with an .html extension.
  • 'Report Admin' is also not available until the evaluation has closed. To select a report in this area:

    • Enter the academic year
    • In the 'Enter evaluation code...' box, enter the Unit code followed by an asterisk '*'
    • If you leave this field empty, you will bring back a list of all your evaluation reports for the year specified and can then select the appropriate report.

At the top of the report, you can 'Download results for ...'. You can also send a final message to students who have filled in the evaluation using the feedback/comments box. Click the Submit Feedback button to store this. If you need to delete the evaluation and clear all results, it is also possible from this screen.

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