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This is the home page for the project Denotational Semantics for the Evaluation Behaviour of Computer Programs, a research co-operation grant from the British Council.

The project funds collaboration between the Mathematical Foundations group in Computer Science at Bath, and the Research Centre for Verification and Semantics at AIST, Japan. Its value is £39803. The internal grant code at Bath is RE-CM1009.


. Initial one-day workshop
. Second one-day workshop
. Third workshop
. Fourth workshop
. Fifth workshop
. Sixth workshop

Extended Exchanges

. John Power's visit to AIST
. Ana Carolina Martins Abbud and Martin Churchill's visit to AIST
. Shunsuku Yatabe's visit to Bath
. Yoshiki Kinoshita's visit to Bath
. John Power's second visit to AIST
. Martin Churchill's second visit to AIST
. Nguyen Van Tang's visit to Bath
. Takashi Kitamura's visit to Bath
. Yoshiki Kinoshita's second visit to Bath


A joint Bath-AIST publication Lawvere Theories Enriched Over a General Base, partially funded by the grant, has been published in the Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra.

A draft of a further paper Semantics for Computational Effects: from Local to Global has also been funded by the grant.

The submitted paper Coalgebraic Semantics for Logic Programming has been partially funded by the grant too.

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