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  • Shunsuku Yatabe's visit to Bath
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The third exchange of the project consisted of a visit to Bath University by Shunsuke Yatabe, a member of research staff of the AIST team. Yatabe was based in Bath for the month of September 2009.

Research seminar

To present his research interests to the Bath team, Yatabe gave a talk in the regular Mathematical Foundations Seminar entitled "Truth Theory and co-inductive definitions"

Discussions with Bath researchers

Yatabe talked to Bath researchers about his interests. In particular, he discussed coinduction with John Power and received some helpful suggestion regarding the system with both induction and coinduction.

Yatabe accompanied Bath researchers (Martins-Abbud, Churchill, Vorobjov) in visits to locally held conferences and workshops: the British Logic Colloquium at Swansea and the Heilbronn Annual Conference at Bristol, both of which included presentations by members of the Mathematical Foundations group at Bath.

Final remarks

Yatabe stated that he felt the visit was a success, and provided the opportunity for various valuable discussions. He would welcome the opportunity of a future visit to Bath.

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  1. Yatabe-san's visit was most productive for me also, and I will be writing (physically) to him, which I hope Kinoshita-san will take back.