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  • Participant Information Sheet for Pharmacists, Pharmacy Technicians and Dispensing Assistants
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What does `recovery¿ from drug addiction mean to key stakeholders involved in drug treatment?

You are being invited to take part in a research study. The information below tells you why you have been chosen, what is involved and what the study is all about.

You are entirely free to decide whether you want to take part or not. This is an `opt in¿ study which means you need to make contact with the research team to accept the invitation to participate. We do not have your personal contact details. This information sheet is being distributed on our behalf. The study has ethical approval from the University of Bath.

What is this study all about?

The UK Drug Strategy 2010 makes it clear that the goal of treatment for addiction is to enable people to overcome dependence and achieve sustainable `recovery¿. The strategy does not however give a set definition of recovery, but states it involves three overarching principles; well-being, citizenship and freedom from dependence. We believed it would be interesting to explore how those receiving and those providing care for drug-dependence define recovery.

This is a small study which is primarily being conducted for our final year Masters of Pharmacy project at the University of Bath. We are a team of four undergraduate students. The results of this study will be submitted to an academic journal for publication, as we think the results could help inform better treatment negotiations and planning between providers and service users.

Why you have been chosen?

Community pharmacists and their staff team are heavily involved in the provision of drug treatment. Often patients receiving opiate substitution therapies such as methadone and buprenorphine visit their pharmacy daily for supervised consumption. The pharmacy team will therefore see first-hand any changes in the person over time. Therefore we believe that pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and dispensing assistants are well placed to share their views on patient `recovery¿ from addiction. We have contacted you in your role as a pharmacist, in order to invite pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and dispensing assistants to participate.

If I agree to take part, what is involved?

We would like to interview you at your place of work. This may be during a break time or during work time with your manager¿s permission. Or alternatively another location of your choosing if that is preferred. The interview will last no more than 30 minutes. With your consent we would like to audio record the interview, so we can type up the conversation afterwards then analyse this, alongside all the other interviews we conduct, to identify the common themes. There will be two students present at the interview, one to ask the questions and one to operate the recorder and provide feedback on interview style to the other student. The interviewer will ask you for your views on what `recovery¿ from addiction means using a pre-written set of questions.

After the interview, you will be given a written de-brief sheet, which tells you what to do if you have any questions about the research afterwards or if you change your mind and want to withdraw from the study. you will be offered a £15 shopping voucher as compensation for the time you have given up for the study.

Is my taking part kept confidential?

Yes. You will need to tell us your name and how best to contact you in order for us to set up the interview. However, this information will not be retained. Your interview will be assigned a code number, which you will be provided with. You will not be named or identified in the report of the study. Similarly pharmacy locations will not be disclosed. We will ask your permission to use any quotes from you, which may illustrate the key findings of the study.

What happens if I change my mind afterwards?

You can withdraw from the study up until the point when we analyse your data, which will typically be 7 days after the interview. You cannot withdraw after then because your data cannot then be separated from the key themes that emerge from the overall analysis. However we can agree not to use any quotes from you.

How do I opt in to take part?

We have set up an email account that all four students and our supervisor can access. Please email pharmacystudentproject@gmail.comto tell us that you would like to take part in our `Recovery¿ study. One of the students will get back to you quickly to arrange a mutually convenient time for your interview.

If you prefer you can telephone our supervisor Dr Jenny Scott on 01225 385775. If you get the voicemail service please leave your name and contact number so your call can be returned.

If you have any questions about this study you can email us on the above email address or phone our supervisor.

Can I find out the results of the study?

Yes. We can send you a summary of the findings in April 2013, once we have analysed all the data and written our report. If you wish to receive this please let the students know when they interview you. The list of report recipients will be kept separate from any participant data.

Thank you for taking the time to read this information sheet and for considering whether you would like to take part or not.

G Cooper, J King, E Johnson, F Lewis

MPharm 4 Students, University of Bath