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Utre'ana was once a fair and pleasant land, but decades of civil war between the dying Queen Malika's daughter and her older, illegitimate son and have left it a battered and desperate place. Necromancers, once shunned by society are now sought out and bartered with for their services, and it is always easy to make money if you can make the right things happen for the right people.

The farthest reaches of northern Utre'ana, a cold and sparsely populated area beyond the Moonlit Mountains, is a cursed and tainted place. Undead roam freely here. Whether raised by a wayward necromancer or simply the remains of hapless travellers is unknown, but they are often seen here or just south of it. Rumours suggest that there are mines in the mountains to the far north where great treasures as well as foul beasts can be found, and many and foolish are they who attempt to find there way there to make their fortunes. It is said that none have ever returned, though it is known that the mysterious and xenophobic Najiba reside here in their great underground cities.

Western Utre'ana is ruled by Princess Muminah Rahima, a cold and impassive ruler with deep and unyielding beliefs and a foul temper. Her cities are not friendly places, and men are expected always to wear the burka and be accompanied by a female relative or close family friend if they wish to venture outside of the home. Many are members of extremist organisations who seek to put men permanently in their place. It is not a pleasant place to be if you are a man.

To the South and East, the lands are warmer and friendlier, ruled these last few years by the Bastard Prince, Ameer Ra'id Azeem, son of the Praetorian General Muntahzir, one of the many selectively bred slaves who served the old Queen as part of her army, most of whom fled and now either serve Azeem, or work as mercenaries or gladiators.

The war has long since dwindled into a stalemate, and most people along the often changing borders will tell of battles often fought, little more than skirmishes now as neither side will surrender and both wish to demonstrate to the other that they still have strength, however feeble. Armies of undead are becoming more and more popular as living armies dwindle and conscripts prove unreliable and unwilling, not to mention scarce. Necromancers, warlocks and clerics, though not exactly popular, are proving their worth and are usually treated with respect, if not actually welcomed. Most battles now are fought between large armies of undead, though their masters are fickle and will switch sides as quickly as the wind may change direction, with as much warning.

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