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Welcome to the ALIVE service documentation wiki space!

This page contains links to documentation and tutorials for the tools related to the ALIVE service level tools.

Component Documentation


OWLSBuilder is a tool for producing OWL-S description using java 1.5 annotations on JAX-WS web services.

ALIVE Matchmaker

The alive matchmaker is an extensible semantic services matchmaker which supports modular service preferences and efficient service retrieval.

ALIVE Matchmaking Agent

The matchmaking agent suplements the matchmaker, providing a persistent matchmaker instance for Agentscape and HTTP use.

ALIVE Template Tools

The template tools manage Service templates. The tools include a template matchmaker which can find resolutions for unbound templates using the matchmaker.

  • Java Docs:
  • Tutorial:
  • Source Code:
  • Latest Release:

ALIVE Repository Server

The repository server supports object storage, retrieval and indexing for a variety of objects. It can crawl servers for new objects such as ontologies, services and templates.

ALIVE Service repository tools:

These are a set of tools which supplement the ALIVE runtime in order to assist the transparent loading of services and ontologies from different sources. They link with the repostiory server .

Eclipse Components:

Matchmaker tab

Template tab

Service Description Editor

  • Latest Release: Included in ALIVEclipse
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