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Welcome to the Bath AUV Team Public wiki space!

This space is a public resource for anyone to view past, present and future AUV designs from the University of Bath AUV team.

Current AUV 2009 - 2011 - Seabiscuit

Initial CAD design for Seabiscuit (Bath Journal 2009)

Seabiscuit was the Bath University Submarine Team (BURST) entry to the 2009 SAUC-E competition.

Background Information on Design and Systems

Shell and Internal Design

The design of the external fibre glass shell imitates the marine creature of the same name. This design compliments the thruster layout by providing equal hydrodynamic drag and holonomic movement in the horizontal plane. Depth control is maintained by a further two thrusters dedicated to this task. The internal aluminium framework was designed to support the thrusters, instruments and the two main pressure vessels.

Computer Systems

The computer system design was split into two systems. One system handled the mission planning and other such task where the other system was dedicated to the more complicated and intensive images systems. The more time critical systems were programmed into the micro controllers.


The submarine has an array of sensing systems to gather information about its environment. Below is a simple list of the sensors used:

  • 2 Cameras
  • Forward facing sonar
  • 360 degree sonar
  • Pressure sensors
  • Electric compass
  • 6 degree of freedom intertial measurement unit


This iteration of the submarine has a new battery and power distribution system. The submarine also has connections to allow control and power supply from a surface tether.


The software within the submarine underwent an overhaul before the 2009 SAUC-E event. This was done in an effort to improve control, reliability and use the added data.


2010© University of Bath, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Ocean Technologies Laboratory

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