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Bath Taps into Science Fair, is a wonderful opportunity to present your research and to demonstrate its impact to a fantastic, and large, audience of the public in general, and young people in particular.  Started in 2000 it now forms a firm part of the Bath science scene and, whilst organised and largely funded by the University of Bath, it is a partnership with many other organizations in Bath and beyond, including many schools. The philosophy behind Bath Taps is simple. Everyone can enjoy, and engage with science (and by science we always mean science, engineering, technology, maths, medicine and the social sciences) if it is presented in a fun, engaging and hands on manner. There is no question of dumbing down science, instead Bath Taps into Science aims to light science up.


Over the years Bath Taps into Science has expanded and in 2016 consisted of 35 events including a schools science fair and a family science day. The success of the events have meant that over 8,000 people of all ages attended the events across the festival week from a wide range of local schools and local families. 

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