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TurningPoint Cloud is an application that allows Powerpoint polling from 'clickers', mobile devices and laptops. This guide will take you through the process of setting up a TurningPoint session with an existing presentation.

If you wish to learn how to create polls in Powerpoint, follow the guidance at the Turning Technologies site

Getting Started

Before you start you'll need to ensure you've got a presenter account setup. Contact the AV Bookings desk to arrange this.

You'll also need your students to either have an app on their device or have the weblink to the ResponseWare Portal

For iOS devices, download the application from here:

For Android devices, the applcation is here:

For all other students using a web browser, they will need to open the following page:

Running TurningPoint Cloud

Open the TurningPoint Cloud application from the start menu. The simplest way to do this is to click on the Start Icon and in the search bar type "Turning"

Logging in

On the first screen you'll be asked to provide an email account.


Enter your university email address here - (update 29/11/2017 you can now use either or here)



You'll be then forwarded to the UoB Single Sign On screen. Enter your Computing Services username and password.

If this is the first time you've signed in, you may get an email with a link you'll need to click on to activate the account.

You may be asked to remember your credentials - if you have logged into the presenting PC using your CS username and password, select YES.

Creating a session

If you're using a TurningPoint dongle with 'Clickers', connect the dongle to the USB Port now.

In order to include students with their own devices, you will need to first create a session ID that you will share with them.

In the TurningPoint Dashboard, click on the option "Click to Connect"

Once done, you'll get an option to create a Session ID, Click 'Start Session' and then you'll be presented with the ID:

Announce this ID to your students.

In future, note you can also start a Session by clicking on the "ResponseWare" option in the TurningPoint ribbon in Powerpoint.

Opening the Powerpoint presentation

Now close the Dashboard window and open up your presentation. You can open a previously created presentation with the poll already set or create a poll using the TurningPoint tools in the ribbon tab.

If you are opening a presentation that was created in a previous version of TurningPoint, you may get the following message:

In most cases its OK to click either yes or no, if you click yes and re-save the presentation you won't be prompted with this message again.

Now you can go ahead and present the Powerpoint. As per previous versions you'll see a toolbar at the top of the screen allowing you to see the polling status and the number of responses to the poll as they come in.

Polling using third-party devices

Using a web browser

Open a page to

Enter the Session ID when prompted and click "Join Session"

When prompted for personal details, leave the fields blank and just click "Join"

Responseware iOS

Download the Responseware app from the App Store:

Open the Responseware app

If this is the first time the App has been opened, you'll be prompted for a region, ensure this is set this to Europe and then click Set:


When prompted enter the Session ID and tap "Join Session"

If prompted for user information, ignore and tap Submit:

You're now ready to receive the polling questions.








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