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  1. "More software (e.g. Ansys and Matlab) is being explored."

     Any news on this? The ability to use common academic applications which would benefit from the HPC cluster (such as Ansys and Matlab) in a simple way is the most common request about HPC  I'm  picking up from various departments (elec-eng, architecture etc.)

    1. Unknown User (ee0mdc)

      To quote James...

      "Matlab is being actively pursued, and we have a quote which needs clarification (e.g. "what is a worker" - do we have 16, 32 or 28 of these?).
      Ansys: there was a meeting while I was away, and I haven't had any feedback yet.

      James Davenport"

    2. Unknown User (ee0mdc)

      There are plans to get a trial licence for aquila, and purchase one if the trial shows significant performance.