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This is a short guide on how to add external storage to


First, click your name in the top right corner, and click "Personal".

Then, scroll down to "External Storage", and click "Add Storage"

Then, from the menu select "SMB / CIFS using OC login".

Then, fill in the information as required. The "Folder name" on the left is just a reference - call it what you want.

For the "Host" field, type in the location of the storage you want to connect to. For example: "" (you should be told this path).

Leave all other fields (including the tick box) blank. 

Once you've typed in the information, wait for it to check the path - it should go green (as per the screenshot).

Once it's green, click the cloud icon in the top left to return to the home page. You should now see your extra folder.












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