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Before we start, and most importantly: the wiki isn't a blogging tool. Seriously. Any and all expectations of features are your own.

But if you don't need much then it does a good impression. Posts, permalinks, comments, daily weekly and monthly archives, feeds, tags, a calendar of posts. The essentials are all there.

Along with a bit of cunning macro usage you can make your wiki seem almost totally blog-centric. Here's a screenshot using the conflickr theme:

We've used the {section} macro to split the page into two columns and then used the {blog-posts} macro to display the last few weeks' worth of posts on the left, and used normal links to wiki pages on the right followed by the {rss} macro to include some external content.

You don't get the fine-grained level of permission granting that you do with wiki pages, but it's a reasonable start.


    1. Unknown User (ccsya)

      I have created an example blog for the team - actually I think we should regularly blog about what we do.  Even if no-one reads it, it would be something to point to if people ask what we have been doing.

      1. Unknown User (ccsya)

        Oh yes, and I've added a tutorial, How to turn a wiki into a blog, to the wikitutor space.

      2. Philip Wilson AUTHOR

        My version plus some colours, nice (wink) (big grin) although presumably this is what our existing News system is for?