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Welcome to the Chemistry Safety wiki space!


This wiki is currently being updated (Aug 2015) - if you have any questions or comments, please contact Robyn Bott (Safety Coordinator) or Marianne Harkins (Technical Manager)

This wiki collects the health and safety documents and links for staff and students, if you think something is missing or no longer current, please contact us. 

For information on services the Technical Team provides, please visit Technical Services Guide.

Safety Personnel

 Dr Robyn Bott Safety Coordinator6919
 Dr Marianne Harkins Technical Manager3437
 Mr Malcolm HolleyFaculty Manager 6727
Prof Chris FrostHead of Department3641
Mrs Debbie Robarts

UHSE Science Safety Adviser

Radiation Adviser

 Mr Ewan Basterfield Research Coordinator 3345
Ext. No.

For information on work with GMO, please visit the Introduction to the GM Wiki

Information from the University Health, Safety and Environment team can be accessed through the Human Resources 'Staying Safe and Well' web-pages, and their Wiki pages 1st Stop for Health & Safety - UHSE - Home.


An induction for new staff, postgraduate students and undergraduate project students is important and should be organised by your line manager or supervisor. If you haven't been assigned an induction session, please contact Robyn Bott to arrange one. You should have an induction before starting any practical work.

You are all asked to do things to cooperate with the department in managing 'health and safety'.  These are the reasons we ask you to do these things.

There is a safety induction checklist and also a general induction checklist.

Please complete and return the safety declaration.

Health and Safety Handbook

The Department has a handbook for all staff and students. Please complete and return the declaration (section 11 of book).

Emergency Procedures

First Aid: Call x666 (or 01225 38 3999 from a mobile) for a Security First Responder.

If you need the emergency services, call 999 but ALSO CALL SECURITY on 666. This is so they can direct the ambulance when it arrives on campus, so help arrives as quickly as possible.

 Fire: Use a fire call point (red "break glass" boxes) to evacuate the building and phone Security on 666 or 01225 38 3999. Inform them it is a real fire and not a false alarm!

Reporting Incidents and Accidents

Please report all incidents and accidents to the Safety Coordinator/ Technical Team using the form or email.

Incidents are events that cause, or have the potential to cause ("near miss"), injuries to people or damage to property. Examples of 'near misses' are; realising that a fume cupboard isn't working, a small fire that was easily extinguished, noticing a loose paving slab on a University path, etc. By reporting incidents you create a record, which provides evidence that action needs taking to minimise the chance of a more serious incident occurring in the future. Examples of previous incidents.   If you don't report the incident or defect someone may be injured as a result of a delay in remedying it.

If there's a problem in the department please email the Technical Team (Ewan Basterfield, Research Coordinator or Marianne Harkins, Technical Manager). You may be asked to submit a green button request instead.

If there's a problem but it's not in the department please use the 'green button' on the Estates website.

You can also report incidents directly to University Health, Safety and Environment by emailing

Training and Supervision 

It is the responsibility of the supervisor/ line manager to ensure that provision for training and supervision is made. It is very important that we ensure we provide correct information, instructions and training, and don't allow people to pass on bad habits or incorrect information.

The electronic Fire Safety training is administered by UHSE, please complete the training and test here.

Type of Training
GMO (GMP)Karen Croker
Gas CylindersRussel Barlow
Hazardous WasteRussel Barlow

Risk Assessments


COSHH form

HSG97 Guide to COSHH

COSHH Regulations

Out of Hours Working

 Medical Conditions

Electrical safety - extension cables


  • This wiki is designed to give users important information related to Health and Safety in the Department of Chemistry.
  • It also contains information help users to complete COSHH forms, in particular in relation to common risks and hazards associated with working in the laboratory to be in addition to the specific risks and hazards that may arise from the substances or reactions researchers are working with.


  • The Navigation bar to the left will help to quickly locate the relevant pages.

This wiki is under construction and current information has been imported from the old Health and Safety website - and should be updated soon. (November 2011)


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