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Welcome to the Chemistry Safety wiki space!

  • This wiki is designed to give users important information related to Health and Safety in the Department of Chemistry.
  • It also contains information help users to complete COSHH forms, in particular in relation to common risks and hazards associated with working in the laboratory to be in addition to the specific risks and hazards that may arise from the substances or reactions researchers are working with.


  • The Navigation bar to the left will help to quickly locate the relevant pages.

This wiki is under construction and current information has been imported from the old Health and Safety website - and should be updated soon. (November 2011)


For those who wish to make alterations or additions:

You can get started by clicking the "Edit" button in the top right of the page.

Don't worry about making mistakes, there is a full history of every page so you can go back at any point.


You can find help on how to add pages, add a left-hand menu, or change the appearance of this space.

There is also official documentation and you can email for direct help.