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Past events

Promoting Your Research Using Social Media - Thurs 26th Jan 2012

Speakers: Alan Cann, University of Leicester, with Jez Cope and Geraldine Jones, University of Bath.
Funded by the EPSRC Knowledge Transfer Account.

Slides on slideshare

This workshop will show you how you can use social media to help your research and your career.  Social tools have important implications for how researchers (and educators) communicate and collaborate.  This session will provide you with information to make informed decisions about using social media and help you select from the vast range of tools available.  Social media has downsides as well as upsides, but on balance there is real value for researchers, from information discovery, through dissemination of your research, to impact metrics.

For more details see:

A recording of the session is available here.

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Tuesday 28th June 2011 — Social Citation for Research

Workshop - Slides part 1, Slides part 2

This workshop is the third in the Social Media and the Connected Researcher Series.
Social citation tools share features with conventional reference management tools but extend them by enabling online working and social discovery of sources. There are many tools to choose from, both personal workflow and who you want to connect with can govern your choice. This workshop introduces Mendeley as an example of the family of social citation tools.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of the session participants will be able to

  1. Describe where and how social citation tools can support the research cycle.
  2. Make choices about the appropriateness of social bookmarking, social citation or reference management tools for a particular context or task.
  3. Set up an account with Mendeley (a social citation tool) and begin to explore the social aspects of collecting and managing (tagging, groups, networking) literature and other academic sources of information.

See also the social citation page for more information.

Thursday 12 May 2011 — Blogging session at Innovations Day

  • Panel session — four academic bloggers answer questions about why and how they use their blogs;

    Dr. Tony James - Senior Lecturer (Department of Chemistry)

    Declan Fleming - RSC Teacher Fellow (Department of Chemistry)

    James Doodson - PhD Student (Department of Psychology)

    Prof. Bill Scott - Honorary Professor (Department of Education)

  • Hands on blogging workshop — set up a personal website/blog with Slides

Thursday 14 April 2011 — Connected Researcher @ Bath launch

  • Seminar — Social Media: A guide for researchers with Tristram Hooley; slides

Miss the session? Want to recap? Catch up online!


* Workshop 1 — Social networking & microblogging: drawing in information and building your reputation; slides

  • Workshop 2 — RSS/Information Management

More details here

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