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What is a "connected researcher"?

While academia has always had a few misanthropes and the image of the ivory tower is well establish in popular culture, the vast majority of successful researchers are very well connected. The best ideas tend to emerge from collaborations and conversations both formal and informal.

We experience this whenever we attend conferences, publish papers and apply for funding. All researchers are connected; but some are more connected than others.

What are "social media" and why should you care?

You might hear terms like "social media", "new media", "Web 2.0", often in the press or on the television, spoken of as something limited to teenagers and celebrities.

But when you think about it, social networking is already an important part of academic life. The online tools just make it easier for you to find and connect with new people and new information.

Social media tools can be used to:

  • Find information and expertise in your area of research;
  • Keep up to date with journals, news and opportunities;
  • Find potential new collaborators;
  • Stay in touch with existing collaborators
  • Promote your research;
  • Find your next job;

and many other things besides.

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