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The Education and Professional Studies Programme (EPS) is an essential component of training to become a teacher. Teachers are part of a large team dedicated not only to developing children¿s subject knowledge but also in their development as people.  All teachers have responsibility for the education of the "whole child" and the Education and Professional Studies programme reflects the holistic nature of the profession.

Aims of the Education and Professional Studies (EPS) Programme for the trainee teacher

  • To enable you to develop understanding and knowledge that provides the foundation for your own professional development throughout your career.
  • To broaden your perspectives of education beyond your subject focus and to give some structured insights into the holistic nature of life in schools.
  • To enable you to put to practical use the ICT you are mastering in other aspects of the PGCE as you participate in on-line web share.  This will be shared with your EPS and SD tutor.
  • To enable you to collaborate with other trainees beyond your subject area and school to help you to respond to issues raised in EPS sessions.

Focusing on the "whole child"

"Every Child Matters" (ECM) was a government initiative started in 2002 and which led to the Children's Act in 2004. The EPS programme is built around the five main themes of the ECM agenda which form important principles that still underpin much current policy and practice in schools. The five themes require children to have support to:

  • be healthy
  • stay safe
  • enjoy and achieve
  • make a positive contribution
  • achieve economic well-being

As teachers you will need to consider your relationship with other practitioners such as social workers, nurses, GPs and educational psychologists. Through the EPS programme you will be encouraged to consider and reflect on this aspect of your role as a teacher. Learning to become a successful teacher requires an understanding of the demands of teaching through an exploration of values and attitudes towards learning and learners. The lectures and other activities within the EPS programme will help you to link the pedagogy with the school-based practice you experience.


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