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  • Using social networking in teaching and learning
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Session: 23rd February, 2010

Facilitators: Andy Ramsden

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Activity 1: capturing current practice

  • What and how do students currently share ideas, links, resources and work with you, other staff and peers?
  • What would you like your students to share and why?

Activity 2: Create and use a Twitter account

Activity 3: Design your Twitter e-learning activity 

  • Overview of the learning design sequence
  • Work up your ideas into a learning design sequence

Activity 4: What would stop you introduce this tomorrow?

  • Role Play - Put yourself in the position of the student, what would be the disadvantages of your lecturer using these technologies in their teaching?

Activity 5: Is Yammer for you?

  • Review University of Bath's Yammer Service to see if this offers you an alternative to Twitter

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