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Faculty Research Committee 2015-16

 Documents related to this Committee can be found here (members only). If you wish to request permission to view this site, please contact


Professor Chick Wilson

Associate Dean (Research) Chair

Professor David Leak

Department of Biology & Biochemistry

Professor Mike Hill

Department of Chemistry

Professor Peter Hall

Department of Computer Science

Professor Johannes Zimmer

Department of Mathematical Sciences

Dr Amanda MacKenzie

Department of Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Professor Nigel Wilding

Department of Physics

Dr Jon Freeman

Head of Research Development & Knowledge Exchange, RIS

In attendance

Secretary to the Committee

Dates of meetings

Faculty Research Committee:





5 October 2015



WH 3.36

9 November 2015



WH 3.36

7 December 2015Monday2:15-4:05pmWH 3.36
11 January 2016Monday2:15-4:05pmWH 3.36
8 February 2016Monday2:15-4:05pmWH 3.36
7 March 2016Monday2:15-4:05pmWH 3.36
11 April 2016Monday2:15-4:05pmWH 3.36
9 May 2016Monday2:15-4:05pmWH 3.36
6 June 2016Monday2:15-4:05pmWH 3.36
11 July 2016Monday2:15-4:05pmWH 3.36


Membership - Faculty

Associate Dean (Research) (Chair) ex officio

Up to six members with significant research expertise appointed by the Board of Studies (to include at least one from each department of the Faculty)

Head of Research Development and Collaborations, RIS ex officio

In attendance:

The list of those who may routinely attend meetings of the Committee is subject to approval by the Chair.

Terms of Reference

The Faculty/School Research Committee will be responsible to the Board of Studies for the academic standards and quality of the Faculty/School's research and 'reach-out' activities, through:

(1) the development, promotion and enhancement of the Faculty/School's Research Strategy to meet the research objectives of the University as articulated in the Corporate Plan;

(2) the identification, monitoring and promotion of the means by which the Faculty/School can meet current and emerging research opportunities with the particular goals of increasing research income and the quality of research output and meeting the other research objectives of the University as articulated in the Corporate Plan;

(3) monitoring, review and improvement of research performance across the Faculty/School, including:

  • oversight of bids for external funding, including the promotion of multidisciplinary research;
  • analysis of research-related performance indicators, in particular those used in national research assessment.

(4) co-ordination and oversight of the Faculty/School submission in respect of any national research assessment;

(5) consideration of the proposed establishment and disestablishment of research centres and appointment of their Directors and Deputy Directors for recommendation to the Board of Studies;

(6) review of the performance of research centres and their continuity within the Faculty/School on a three year cycle for recommendation to the Board of Studies;

(7) monitoring of the annual research ethics returns from the Faculty/School and addressing issues arising from these returns;

(8) promotion and sharing of good practice in respect of research.


Membership: The term of office for the appointed members of the Committee is three years (renewable). In the event that an appointed member ceases to be eligible to serve, a replacement to serve for the remainder of their term of office will be appointed (renewable).

Co-option: At the discretion of the Committee. Co-option shall be for one year at a time and for a maximum period of three successive years; thereafter, a member shall not be eligible for co-option for a period of one year.

Alternates: If an ex-officio member of the Committee is unable to attend a meeting, they may nominate an alternate to attend that meeting.

Quorum: One third of the membership of the Committee.

Rules for Voting:None

Minutes: Submitted to the Faculty/School Board of Studies and University Research Committee.

Approved by Senate
9th June 2010 (ToR update approved by Senate on 5 February 2014)

ToR also given here: 

No open minutes

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