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Membership 2016/17

Professor Sue Wonnacott

Associate Dean

Mr Simon Gane

GS Manager

Mrs Tracey Brend

Postgraduate Officer (Secretary)

Miss Ceri Dibble

Programmes Officer

PGT Directors of Study 

Dr Stephen Flower

MSc Chemistry for Drug Discovery

Dr Hartmut Schwetlick

MSc Mathematical Sciences

Dr Alan Hayes

MSc Computer Science

Dr Momna Hejmadi

MSc Biology & Biochemistry

Dr Momna Hejmadi

MRes Biology & Biochemistry

Mr Nicholas Haddington

AP3T programme



PGR Directors of Study


Dr James Doughty

Biology & Biochemistry

Dr Lorenzo Caggiano

Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Dr Jim Laird

Computer Science

Dr Andrew Johnson


Dr Sergey Gordeev


Dr Adrian Hill

Mathematical Sciences



DTC/EngD Directors of Study


Dr Marc Hutchby

Sustainable Chemical Technologies

Dr Jim Laird

Eng D in Digital Entertainment



PGR Admissions Tutors


Prof Karsten Matthies


Dr Kwang In Kim

Computer Science

Prof Simon Bending


Dr Simon Harris


Dr Malcolm Watson

Pharmacy & Pharmacology

Dr Toby Jenkins

Chemistry (PGR & PGT)

Dr Paul Whitley

Biology & Biochemistry



PGT Admissions Tutors


Dr Susan Crennell

MSc Biology & Biochemistry

Dr Momna HejmadiMRes Biology & Biochemistry

Dr Mark Opmeer

Mathematical Sciences

Dr Julian Padget

Computer Science



Postgraduate Representatives


Ms Aoibheann Brady

 Department of Mathematical Sciences



Dates of meetings 2015/16





24 November 2016



Council Chamber

23 February 2017



Council Chamber

4 May 2017



Council Chamber


Associate Dean (Graduate Students) (Chair) ex officio

One Director of Studies for Postgraduate Taught Students and one Director of Studies for Postgraduate Research Students from each Department in the Faculty

Graduate School Manager or equivalent ex officio

Up to two research students from within the Faculty elected by and from the student members of the Faculty

Up to two taught graduate students from within the Faculty elected by and from the student members of the Faculty

In attendance:

The list of those who may routinely attend meetings of the Committee is subject to approval by the Chair.

Terms of Reference

The Graduate School Committee will be responsible to the Board of Studies for oversight of the Graduate School and will act as an advisory body to the Associate Dean (Graduate Students), through:

(1) strategic oversight of all PGT and PGR provision at faculty level;

(2) consideration of planning and policy development issues relating to the Graduate School;

(3) enhancement of the experience and environment of graduate students in the Faculty;

(4) advice on recruitment of graduate students to the Faculty, including aspects of marketing and branding;

(5) advice on graduate scholarship strategy within the Faculty;

(6) strategic oversight of the interface between PGT and PGR activity in the Faculty, including determining routes to facilitate student progression from taught to research provision and integrating Doctoral Training Centres (where applicable).


Membership: The Directors of Studies will be nominated by the Head of each Department. The term of office for the Directors of Studies and elected members of the Committee is three years. In the event that any of these members cease to be eligible to serve, a replacement to serve for the remainder of their term of office will be nominated/elected (renewable/eligible for re-election).

Co-option: At the discretion of the Committee. Co-option shall be for one year at a time and for a maximum period of three successive years; thereafter, a member shall not be eligible for cooption for a period of one year.

Alternates: If an ex-officio member of the Committee is unable to attend a meeting, they may nominate an alternate to attend that meeting. If a nominated member is unable to attend a meeting, an alternate may be nominated by the Head of Department to attend that meeting.

Meetings: At least two each academic year.

Quorum: One third of the membership of the Committee.

Rules for Voting: None

Minutes: Submitted to the Faculty Board of Studies and University Research Students Committee.

No open minutes


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