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Tall and powerful, Arcanti is the paragon of honour, valour and protection. During the First Great Age, Arcanti taught the early races of Faelon the benefits of working together, whether it be whilst hunting in packs, defending the homeland against enemies, or standing together building a village to face the elements. Before the outbreak of war amongst the deities, Arcanti rode side by side with Cazhak at the head of the first armies in an attempt to drive the proto-trolls from the regions that would much later become Regnum Aurium and later Regnum Periculi.

Arcanti usually appears as a tall, darkskinned man wearing an exquisitely made mithral breastplate and carrying a brilliant energy longsword. He finds most of his worshipers amongst paladins, fighters and others of a martial bent and the clerics of Arcanti train long and hard to improve their martial skills and please their lord. Arcanti does not approve of or enjoy war, but he recognises the need for it when diplomacy has broken down or the land is threatened by something that cannot be negotiated with.

Favoured Weapon: longsword
Associated Domains: Good, Healing, Luck, Protection, Strength, Sun, War, Courage, Fate, Nobility, Competition, Force, Glory, Liberation, Purification

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