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Small, nondescript village at the base of the Karika mountains. It is a good staging point for taking the Pass of Erisham up into Bosnan Crater.

During the eternal winter created by the Cult of Cold Ashang was invaded by an expeditionary force from Bosnan Crater hunting for the adventurers who had gathered valuable information regarding the rite being used to alter the weather. Roughly half the village was destroyed and two thirds of the villagers killed (including the then village leader Morgan Ream) before it was liberated by the adventuring group (the Bergen Bunch), returning to stop the ritual.

The Bergen Bunch reappeared several weeks later after visiting Nonbury. Finding the village besieged by undead they quested into the dwarven halls under the mountains. There they found a lyre of building which was used by the town minstrel to build a massive defensive wall around the town. Known to the locals as Amy's Fence, it is big and thick enough to hold off entire armies.

There are three buildings of note in Ashang. The village shop, which sells all manner of useful items and is run by a man called Emingtal Frane. There is the Carter's Wheels - the village inn run by a friendly and honest man named Eric Farley. Then there is the temple to Dimitri, run by Richard Fitch.

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