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Male, 17

As a small child Simon was found wandering in the woods by Brother Edward near to the church. For several months Simon wouldn't talk at all. The brothers suspect that his parents may have been killed by raiders however any attempts by the brothers at the church to get Simon to talk about what may have happened failed. Accepted as an orphan by the church Simon was raised by the brothers and sisters of the church.

Through the years Simon was taught both the ways of the secular world and the spiritual world. A hard worker, he showed an interest in weapon work while also attending to his daily devotions and playing with the other local children.

One of his daily tasks over the years has been aiding Brother Edward with looking after the 2 horses attached to the church.

Recently Simon has felt something drawing him out of the village, having spoken to Brother Edward he is now waiting for an opportunity to present its self.

Character special abilities

  • Simon gains proficiency with the longsword
  • Simon gains Knowledge(religion) as a class skill

Extended background

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