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Worship of the Light Trinity in the modern era is an important part of life - especially out of the cities. The church is typically the central point for most smaller communities for community events and gatherings, and often for the passing of news as the various parishes tend to be in loose communication with one another. The church is usually linked to the settlement authorities in some way. That said, it is rare for the community to actually be run by the church - although most people in Regnum Periculi are godsfearing they remember all too well what a powerful, corrupt organised religion can do to the realm. The average citizen of Regnum Periculi will attend church each week and at festivals. This is by no means compulsory however and individuals vary in their devoutness.

The actual worship of the Trinity varies from temple to temple. The average worshipper of the Light reveres all three of the deities. Many stop there, however some go further and dedicate themselves to one of the deities above all others. They still pay homage to all three but endeavour to live to the particulars of their chosen deity, find out more about him and do his or her works. Clerics almost always follow this path. Although this leads to a gentle rivalry between the three (or four counting the Balanced, as they sometimes call themselves) different strands of the church there is little or no infighting. The clerics emulate the gods themselves and co-exist peacefully with one another.

Organisations Within The Church

The church is ruled by a council of cardinals in who reside in Cantabria. They are presided over by the Archprelate; at the moment this is Amaron Mandas - an older educated man from Stapleton.

Below this council there are numerous other parts to the organisation.

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