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Paladins can take a strong will save instead of a mount. This choice must be made when the first paladin level is taken.


Fighters gain weapon aptitude at first level.


Bards get a generic perform skill (improved versatile performer).


Clerics gain Sense Motive as a class skill and are automatically proficient with their deity's favoured weapon.


Druidic as a language doesn't exist.


Sorcerers gain a feat progression the same as a wizard with the same feat restrictions and the Spells Known table of the Favoured Soul (for number of spells, NOT the spell list). They can exchange their familiar for a wizard feat on character creation and automatically gains Eschew Materials at first level.


A wizard can exchange his familiar for a wizard feat on character creation and automatically gains Spell Thaumatics at first level.

When a wizard gains a new spell level, he can choose a single spell from his specialised school (or any school if unspecialised wizard). The wizard can then elect to expend spells memorised to spontaneously cast from this list, as a good cleric can spontaneously cast Cure spells.


The soulknife manifests his mindblade the same as it was last time he used it. If he wishes to change this weapon (say to throw it) he must spend a full round modifying it as normal.


Warmage does not exist as a class. There is nowhere for them to be trained

Half casters

Half casters (e.g. rangers) can forgo casting for a feat each time they would gain a new spell level.


Trapfinding in the absence of a real trap finder, a bard or soulknife or another rogue type gains the Trapfinding special ability and Search as a class skill.

Tome of Battle

The healing energy generated by the Devoted Spirit moves is positive / negative energy and should be treated in a manner equivalent to cure spells. Note that means if the crusader uses this energy to harm undead / living targets they get a will save. Upon taking their first Devoted Spirit move, the martial adept must choose whether to channel positive or negative energy.

White Raven Tactics (along with any other ability which changes the initiative order) is removed.

Shadow Garotte (along with any other ranged attacks) is removed.

Emerald Razor is removed.

Oriental classes

Oriental classes exist in one specific places and are generally unavailable

Prestige Classes

No prestige classes without GM approval

Levelling up

Will be done using the mathematical progression system. So when you increase in level, add on the appropriate modifier and round down:

Base attack












The massive +2 bonus to a high save is only gained when you take your very first level (this includes an NPC level 0 level if used).

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