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Dimitri is the protector of nature and the wilds. Legend has it he was responsible for the beginning of the first argument amongst the gods when he taught the first man to use fire for heat and cooking. This was opposed by Diandra and Calain who believed that knowledge was not something the peoples of Faelon should be given freely since through discovery comes true understanding and self-reliance, and the knowledge of the gods can be traded for obedience and worship. Dimitri disagreed - he believed that having groups who could understand and tend nature would help proto-man live alongside nature properly and saw no problem teaching this group himself. It is said that from this small disagreement, the way each and every god dealt with the world was eventually questioned by the others. Disagreement became argument which over the years became schisms amongst the deities leading eventually to war.

One thing is certain; Dimitri was responsible for creating the druidic order as guides for the people in the ways of nature. All druids of the Light follow Dimitri almost exclusively (although they respect the other members of the Trinity) and those of the Dark are usually fallen Light druids who grew too interested in warping life for their own means and turned to Pisanu to further their desires when Dimitri would no longer grant their requests. Dimitri is also worshiped by rangers, scouts and other peoples of nature. His clerics have strong ties to the land and can command the elements in ways that sometimes even exceeds that of the druids.

When he appears in person, Dimitri is a slender male of medium height wearing mottled greens and a heavy traveller's cloak which changes colour to blend into the scenery. He carries a sickle for tending plants and a large bow with no drawstring for protection. When he goes to draw this bow, a string of pure energy appears and an arrow of energy materialises ready for firing. More typically, however, Dimitri appears as a pure white unicorn riding through the woods.

Favoured Weapon: sickle
Associated Domains: Air, Animal, Earth, Fire, Good, Healing, Luck, Plant, Sun, Water, Cold, Creation, Oracle, Purification, Weather

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