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Eric Faust

Male, 19

Eric grew up in the local watermill, his father Carl Faust being the village miller. All the farmers in this and nearby villages brought their corn there to be ground. This earned them enough so that his mother Eyla didn't need to work, his grandfather, whom Eric was named after, also lived with them.

Eric had long been told stories about his family, mostly by his grandfather who had little else to do but sit in a rocking chair making up stories all day. How much of the stories were fictional and fact Eric never knew. Most of the stories took place many generations ago when the Faust family were, according to grandpa, a line of powerful casters and supernatural fighters who derived a great power directly from the gods. It was always left a bit vague as to which side they fought for but Eric assumed good, fighting for Arcanti. "It's in your blood laddie" grandpa would say, though Eric's father always dismissed it as ancient history and "A load of old rubbish, the Fausts are millers. Always have been, always will be."

Eric didn't accept this, he knew for a fact he didn't want to be a miller. At his mothers urging Eric spent a lot of time at the church reading up on Arcanti. Over time he decided he wanted to dedicate himself to the church, much to his father's annoyance as he would have to find someone else to help him tend the mill. But his mother, who was very devout, was overjoyed at the idea of her son becoming a cleric.

He spent a number of years at the church in study and prayer, this was when he started shaving his head as a mark of respect to Arcanti, based upon an an ancient order of Arcanti monks who did the same. He was well on his way to becoming a cleric until one day a Solar came to him in a dream. He floated down in a massive glow of light and touched Eric on the forehead saying he was awakening a great gift. In the morning Eric felt as he never had before, as if a light which had always been of was suddenly turned on, illuminating a new world. Eric wondered out to the woods to be sure he was alone, and with just a little effort he shot a crackling blast of blue power from his hand into a tree. This was not clerical power and Eric knew it. Life was never going to be the same again.

Eric was given a gift by the gods, he knows he has a purpose and plans to use his gift to help those who need it. He doesn't boast about it at all, in fact he's generally rather quiet and humble. He is single minded and determined.

Character special abilities

  • Gains proficiency in the longsword
  • Gains Knowledge(religion) as a class skill
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