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Dodge will behave as in Stargate: +1 AC generically or +2 Vs a specific target.


In addition to the usual effects, Endurance doubles the time for which a character can wear heavy armour or bear a heavy load before becoming fatigued, and doubles the time before an encumbered character becomes exhausted. This bonus is applied after the proficiency bonus, so a 4th level fighter with endurance can wear heavy armour for 8 hours before becoming fatigued (class / 2 = 2 hours doubled for heavy armour proficiency to 4 hours doubled again for endurance to 8).

Heavy Armour Proficiency

In addition to the usual effects, this feat doubles the amount of time for which a character can wear heavy armour before becoming fatigued and then exhausted.


Toughness will add +1 hp per level (retroactive) in addition to its current effect (+3 hp). Can only be taken once.

Improved Toughness

This feat does the same as Toughness and stacks with it (again can only be taken once).

Power Attack

2 handed will deal 1.5 times damage (rather than 2x)

Open Minded

As with Spycraft, the 5 skill points gained from this feat can be used in ANY skill, ie cross-class ranks are bought at a cost of 1 rank per point. Cross class rank caps skill apply.

Precise Strike (new feat)

Prereqs: Dex 13+
Benefits: Power Attack for finessable weapons. Can only be used single-handed.

Somatic Weapon (new feat)

Any hand holding a weapon counts as empty for the purpose of performing the somatic components of spells

Improved Counterspell

Removed. See the revised counterspell rules.

Arcane Reflexes (new feat)

Allows the caster to perform a number of counterspells equal 1 + casting stat per round. You can also counterspell even if flat footed. If you have multiple classes with casting ability you must choose to which class you apply this feat. You can take this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you can select a different casting class to gain the benefit.

Note that counterspelling still costs an immediate action (see the Magic Special Rules page for details) however this feat lets you counterspell multiple times for your immediate action.

Spell Focus (Abjuration)

This version of Spell Focus adds its bonus to dispel magic checks

Metamagic feats

These feats give metaspells. See Magic page.

Divine Metamagic feats

They follow the same feat tree as the real metamagic feats (e.g. Divine Persistant requires Divine Extend as a pre-requisite)

Sudden Metamagic feats

All removed

Mageslayer feats

All removed

Ancestral Relic, etc

This feat and similar item enhancement feats removed

Item Creation feats

These feats are used to create tu'vala and require mirilli

Sai'vala Focus (new feat)

A new feat allowing character to use a sai'vala, and swap the mirilli in its sockets

Mirilli Enchantment (new feat)

A new feat allowing the character to enchant a mirilli shard

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