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  • History of Regnum Periculi
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The Age of Dwarfdom

Dwarfdom in Regnum Periculi lasted approximately 1000 years. During this period, the surface lands, blasted during the First Coming, gradually regenerated as men and elves scratched a living in the damaged earth. The remaining high elves mostly vanished without trace during this time. The dwarves expanded their mountain cities and created many tu'vala in their forges. They were also largely responsible for the survival of the surface dwellers by supplying them with food, expertise and magic during a period when life seemed impossible. The dwarven empire was prevented from growing out of all proportion by a subterranean war with the Drow and the Duegar who destroyed many of the great Dwarven Halls leaving their secrets buried under the mountains. After the dwarves caused the extinction of the gnomish people many of the remaining halls were abandoned to the forces from the depths and the dwarves fled to find sanctuary with the humans. This heralded the end of the Third Age in Regnum Periculi.

The Age of Man

The Age of Man began when the dwarven empires were destroyed by the duegar and the drow. Across Faelon the human settlements were inundated by refugees from the ruined halls under the mountains. On the surface, the dwarves turned their considerable skill in blending technology and magic to cleaning the land. With the help of Vode Arcanus much of the choking dust was cleaned from the atmosphere and life on the surface began to evolve again. The dwarves taught the humans various advanced secrets of masonry and metallurgy, helping them to adapt to the world.

Across Faelon the human civilizations began to grow and spread. Villages banded together for safety from the monsters that roamed the wilds and grew to be led by kings. And inevitably war followed, with warbands raiding and invading each other. Gradually these bush wars died out as the warbands were defeated and merged into larger groups. In Rudsy these bands eventually declared a truce when the drow boiled out of the ground and attempted to establish an empire on the surface. The intruders were vanquished and the peace between the bands was maintained by the establishment of a central government presided over by an Emperor.

Regnum Aurem

In Regnum Periculi, then called Regnum Vesperi, the warbands merged into half a dozen states each ruled over by their own king. When the territories in the east of the continent marched west under the banners of King Nasi, the western kingdoms allied to face these forces. The battles were long and fierce, but eventually they were pushed back and the eastern kingdoms crushed. Of the four kings of the west, two had fallen in battle leaving their generals in command under the remaining kings of the alliance. The two remaining monarchs tied their families together by marriage and divided up the eastern territory. They bound the land together in a republic led by a senate elected from all the regions and presided over by a King from their now joined family. Thus began the Golden Age of Man, and the land was renamed Regnum Aurem.

Over the next few centuries, Regnum Aurem prospered. They moved north into Bys Vyli where they battled the orc clans and founded the city Candale. South they encountered the pirates of Wystry and travelled as far as Elde Yana. Explorers travelled further, arriving at almost every continent on the planet. Magically Regnum Aurem blossemed, mastering some of the mysteries of the teleportation stones and exploring many of the inner planes. Some powerful mages even moved through the godshield into the outer planes. Great feats were performed and the land was ruled by a series of just and kind kings.

Regnum Periculi

the kingdom collapses and there are 150 years of dark rule by Iustus
Formerly known as Regnum Aurem, the name changed during the Dark Times when Iustus took power.

At the end of the Dark Times Prosum Laurus proclaimed himself King of Regnum Periculi and set about rebuilding the kingdom. Already an old man, he died only a few years into his task leaving it to his well-meaning but weak son Harlod. King Harlod ruled benevolently, but very much at the sufferance of his barons who maintained almost total control over their local areas and paid little more than lip service to their king. If it hadn't been for his elite loyal Kingsguard he almost certainly would have been deposed. After forty years of insignificant rule Harlod died when he was poisoned by an agent of the fallen paladin Rayder, during his brief campaign of terror in the north kingdoms.

With Rayder rescued from himself by his friends and the king replaced by his daughter, Queen Gabrielle Laurus, Regnum Periculi has quietened down somewhat. Gabrielle is a far stronger ruler than her father, but she has much work to do before it can truly be said she rules the north. Fortunately, the Queensguard is as loyal as ever and serves as her eyes and ears in her kingdom - and also her arm and fist whenever a baron steps too far out of line. Sadly they are too few so the barons still enjoy a great deal of freedom to rule their baronies and scheme.

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