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Elizabeth Beckenridge

Prefered name: Lizzy

Female, 16

Daughter of the local land owner Lord William Beckenridge and his wife Lady Emilia Beckenridge.

Lizzy was never happy with the life her parents wanted for her. She was given the best education and was brought up to lead the life fitting to her station in society. She wasn't allowed to mix with the lower classes in the village for that was just not done. Little did her parents know that from an early age Lizzy had wanted to explore. By the age of 5 she already new every inch of the manor. She was adored by the household staff who kept her secret adventuring from her parents. They spent so much time at court that she was largely brought up by the nurse maid anyway.

However, the Manor was too restricting she wanted more, she wanted to explore life outside. One day, with the help of Henry, the family butler, she sneaked into the village. Here was a strange and wonderful world. She had only ever seen it from a far. She disovered that she could quite easily use her charms to get what she wanted, but not in a spoiled way, for this was all an adventure.

As the months passed she ventured out of the manor more and more. She had befriended some villagers and they would go on small adventures together. But soon she had to return home because her parents were returning or her teachers were about to arrive. Lizzy wished she had the freedom to go were she pleased.

 Family coat of arms

Life in the manor

When Lizzy's parents were at home they kept a strict household.  Everything had to be right and proper at all times just in case a passing nobel stopped by.  The fact that this only happened about once or twice a month didn't matter to them.  The only reason anyone ever came to stay was because they were on route to the spa town to the north.  Most of the richer nobels looked down on Lizzy's parents mainly because of their constant attempts to appear grander than they were.  You would have thought they owned half a kingdom rather than a few rural villages.

 One regular visitor to the manor was Lady Cynthia Hanley.  She wasn't particularly keen on the place but she did love spa and so it would have to do.  Whilst she was there she used to pay particular attention to one the maids who seemed to go out of her way to help.  Petra made staying at the manor that much more bearable.  One day she decided that Petra deserved better than this and offered to take her to court to become an proper ladies maid.  Always wanting to please the other nobles, especially one as important as Lady Cynthia, Lizzy's parents were happy to let Petra go even though it left them one maid short.

Character special abilities

  • Lizzy is a noble, albeit a minor one, and can expected to be treated appropriately
  • Starting out Lizzy will have access to her house's funds and equipment
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