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Magic items behave a little differently from traditional D&D. They are not all built to exactly the same specifications, and require different types of activation. Some have command words, some require wearing other items, others require they be in contact with the wearer's body for more than 24 hours before an effect can be seen. Magic items are special and each one is slightly different, reflecting the differing personalities of their creators. They should not be expected to behave in any "normal" manner.

Special Materials

In addition to the materials given in the core books and BVD / BED the following materials are available:

Flametouched Iron
As in the Eberron campaign setting.
Hardness 10, 30 hp / inch
Weapon: good aligned, +1000gp
Armour: +1 resistance bonus on saving throws against spells, spell-like abilities and supernatural abilities of evil outsiders, +1000gp
Holy symbol: +1 class level when turning undead of censuring fiends, 750gp

Livethorn is a substance crafted from a fastgrowing, hardy vine. The vine is known for its ability to withstand almost anything, including being uprooted and moved from place to place. It is also known for its short, vicious spines which make it useful for crafting arms and armour. The hardy stem is actually capable of being sharpened to an edge. Items are crafted from livethorn by twining vines together in plaits and using heat to inhibit growth in certain areas. The resulting items look like dark green plaited vines, covered with small spikes. Livethorn is a material most commonly used by woodland fey, although many of the woodelf communities have also learnt the art of using the plants. Holy symbols of Dimitri are sometimes crafted of livethorn.

Any livethorn item continues to grow. If it takes damage it heals at a rate of 1hp per night or day of inactivity (ie not being stuck against an enemy in the case of a weapon). A successful DC15 knowlege (nature) tends the livethorn item, doubling the healing rate. A livethorn item must be planted into the earth for 12 continuous hours every week or it dies and the item disintergrates.

Livethorn has hardness 2 and 10 hp / inch of thickness

Any armour crafted with livethorn is treated as having armour spikes which deal D6+1 piercing damage (for medium sized suits). Because it is not metal, druids can wear livethorn armour without penalty. Cost +200gp

Any weapon crafted with livethorn deals +1 point of piercing damage per hit. Cost +500gp

Zanik is a totally black gemstone formed from coalesced negative energy. It is so black it seems to draw light into itself and prolonged exposure to the substance has a detrimental affect on living individuals, gradually draining their energy into itself. The gemstone is valued by those who work in the shadows because its lifestealing properties can be used to create weapons which sap a target of vitality and it is useful to those alchemists of a darker persuasion for use in synthetic poisons. Undead prize it for use in armour construction because it strengthens their connection to the negative energy plain.

The trade of raw Zanik is restricted, although an individual weapon made of the substance is normally not cause for special attention. Authorities view the other uses of the gem as far more concerning.

Zanik has hardness 8 and 15 hp / inch of thickness

Armour is crafted using strips of zanik amongst the metal, rather than entirely of the gem. Treat any armour crafted in this way as metal (or other substance) armour for the purpose of break DCs. Zanik infused armour grants the wearer turn resistance +2 vs positive and negative energy turning attempts. Close proximity to the gem saps a living wearers vitality; living creatures wearing zanik armour take a -2 penalty to fortitude saves. Cost +1000gp

Weapons are crafted entirely from zanik. Any weapon crafted in this way deals 1 point of constitution damage on a confirmed critical hit. This is a negative energy attack - any creature immune to the effects of negative energy is immune to the con damage. Cost +2000gp

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