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The magic posse in the tower


Semi-permeable magical aura around Faelon which prevents travel by natives of the outer planes to the inner planes. The gods are trapped outside, their influence reduced to empowering and guiding those who they choose. To directly influence the real world they must work through a vassal, such as a cleric or a wizard. Other creatures are also kept out by the godshield which is maintained by the incredibly ancient magic guarded by Vode Arcanus. Residents of the inner planes can travel outside. Those that survive can return, although crossing the godshield in either direction is not easy and certainly not to be done lightly.

Order of Unified Magic

The Order was formed thousands of years ago at the end of the Age of Dragons when they were responsible for creating the Godshield to shut the gods in the outer planes. Since then, they have dedicated themselves to maintaining the Godshield by monitoring it for attacks and weaknesses. Their base is hidden outside the territory of any empire, guarded by monsters and warded by spells of all three magic disciplines and surrounded by magical storms. It is rumoured to be on the Triangular Isle, but since few can even find that land mass and even fewer can land there this is unconfirmed.

By far the most powerful magic guild on Faelon, the Order acts for the good of the land, regardless of the wishes of any individual government or organisation. As far as the guild is concerned, the good of Faelon means preventing the godshield ever being breached. All other concerns are secondary. Other than their primary mission the guild mostly distances itself from the concerns of the world. They rode out the Dark Times in Regnum Periculi, observed the founding of the Imperial Court on Rudsy and keep an eye on the continual power struggles on Tar Cendaris mostly without getting involved. Occasionally they will send an envoy, or an advisor to a monarch, general, adventuring party or other significant individual.

The guild recruits new members by word of mouth. As casters out in the world gain in power, they are watched more closely. When they gain enough power to be considered a threat they are taken aside and have the mission of the guild explained to them. They are invited to join; an offer seldom refused. Those that walk away are carefully monitored and if they act against the protective barrier around Faelon they are dealt with. More rarely, the Order might detect an individual with great potential then adopt and train him.

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