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Nonbury is a small, nondescript farming town near the Karika mountains. It bears the dubious accolade of being the former site of a temple of Pisanu. It was built during the Dark Times and existed to train clerics and as a base for them to perform their research. With the fall of Lord Iustus the temple was burn to the ground and obliterated, burying all manner of unpleasantness. It is said, however, it wasn't so much the villagers that wanted to see it go. Because of this rumour, Nonbury has gained itself something of a dark reputation - a reputation not helped by the insular lifestyle of the inhabitants who tend to be gruff to outsiders.

Despite the prejudices, Nonbury gets on with its existance looking after itself. It now hosts a small temple to Dimitri. Traders from the village visit the nearby Ashang reasonably frequently to buy various bits Nonbury doesn't produce itself.

The village of Nonbury was destroyed and the inhabitants wiped out to man when the Cult of Cold took possession of Bosnan Crater and drew energy from the land to reanimate a colossal aberration. They planted a power staff in the middle of the village - a side effect being the dead villagers reanimated. They were laid to rest by the Bergen Bunch as they destroyed the power staffs to end the ritual.

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