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History of Regnum Periculi
Religion in Regnum Periculi in the Fourth Age
Organisations of Regnum Periculi
Steadwell's Guide to Regnum Periculi
People of Note in Regnum Periculi


Across Regnum Periculi, the summer and winter solstices are celebrated as a time of renewal. A time when cares are put aside and communities come together to enjoy themselves. The festivals are different, but in both cases traditionally a giant bonfire is built in the village square and the inhabitants enjoy music and dance around it through most of the night.

The legends surrounding the festivals are numerous. For example, during the Winter Solstice whilst the children are dancing round the maypole and enjoying the festivities supposedly a portal opens to the rooms of all the good boys and girls and gifts are carried through by Julenissen's elves. Of course this is a myth... apart from in the spa town of Aquae Curatio where the local mage decided long ago that people need more magic in their lives and actually does it. He has an army of assistants making toys for the kids and every solstice he opens a complex series of portals and has presents delivered.

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