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  • Religion in Regnum Periculi in the Fourth Age
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Religion in the present day has taken a lot of punishment. Before the last great war, during the Dark Times, the Verruckt's corrupt government attempted to eradicate all trace of worship of the Trinity of Light. They failed and eventually were overthrown, but they did succeed in systematically destroying the organised Light church and replacing it with the Dark church. In turn, this was dismantled by the victorious paladins.

Over the past 50 years the Light churches have been slowly recovering, hampered somewhat by forty years of weak rule by King Harlod. A centralised religious organisation has started to reappear, with its power centred on the cardinals in Cantabria. Generally the Church of the Light is trusted and supported by the state, giving them the power of arrest and investigation. That said, the church must abide by the same laws as the state and in most areas the state is careful to ensure the church doesn't overstep its authority. The church has greater dominion over its own, although that is a strongly held courtesy rather than law. In return, the state - stretched as it is for able men - often makes use of the resources of the church for council, investigation and policing. It is a fragile situation that relies on trust between the state and the church and is only sustainable whilst they are of a like mind.

The church is recovering and doesn't have the numbers to establish strong links between all the parishes. As such, the individual churches tend to stand alone, relying on individual wandering clergy to deliver news. They are all still linked by their central loyalty to Cantabria and a clergyman can expect a welcome from any church or temple he visits. Rank amongst the clergy is bestowed by higher ranking churchmen and ultimately ratified by the cardinals, although out in the wilds a churchman as often relies on his personal reputation when influencing people as he does his rank.

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