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Concentration is a Wisdom-dependant skill, NOT a Constitution one.


Characters will not get any automatic languages. Instead, they will speak common and may be given another language depending on background. Characters may learn additional languages as the story progresses, at the whim of the GM. Alternatively, they can seek out knowledge in libraries or through teachers and pay skill points as normal. Language proficiency come in four levels:

  • Basic spoken (1 point cost)
    Can converse in broken language, understanding simple communication
  • Fluent (1 point after basic)
    Can speak / understand the language perfectly
  • Native (1 point after fluent)
    Can speak / understand the language as well as any native speaker and speech patterns are indestinguishable from native speaker. This may not be possible with all languages, depending on ability to vocalise
  • Reader (1 point)
    Can read / write the language. Gives no ability to speak it.

Note that language is not a class skill for many classes...

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